We are a women-founded company driven to create impact through our collective action of creative and inclusive business solutions to improve access, knowledge and opportunities for marginalised populations.


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Radhika Gupta

An entrepreneur and consultant with over a decade of experience in nurturing, leading, and sustainably scaling businesses. Radhika has worked with over 2000 creative entrepreneurs and direct to consumer brands in fashion & lifestyle that are advocates for creativity, sustainability and innovation in the profit and non-profit sector through her past venture- Black Taxi Creative Concepts where she spearheaded business growth and marketing.

She also serves on the board of advisors for social impact organisations focusing on women employment and empowerment.
Her journey with handmade started while attending fashion schools in India, New York and London. Learning how to market design & luxury businesses, she soon realised that the distance between the consumer and the artisans was a long road which needed narrowing down.

She believes that ‘Bringing all stakeholders in the ecosystem together is not always the same thing as bringing them closer, and the latter is what we need to focus on.’

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Amrita Haldipur

With 15+ years invested in building brands, Amrita is an award-winning global content strategist, expert in local narratives. Ex-Marketing Head of National Geographic in India, she took a leap of faith to start her consulting career in early 2016 and since then, been working with startups, SMEs, social impact foundations as an independent bespoke marketing & communications expert. 


In the past two years, she has built two businesses - co-founded Think First Principles - a growth marketing company, which has now pivoted into an e-commerce performance marketing entity, along with transforming her 59-year old homemaker mother into a home chef. 


With heart etched in working with businesses that care for people, purpose and profits equally, she thrives where borders don’t exist, empowering grassroots is the north star and building bridges is spoken about not just as a passion but as a responsibility. She finds herself now at a happy glocal intersection of tech, marketing, social impact, education and storytelling.